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Water is Life… Save it!

August 9, 2011


DepEd does its share in water conservation 

The Department of Education has directed all its units nationwide to respond to the call of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) to use water efficiently and save at least 10 percent of the usual consumption. 

Education Secretary Armin Luistro said it is important for people to realize that water is precious resource which when not used efficiently can lead to serious health and socio-economic problems. 

 “People have the wrong notion that water is a limitless resource but actually a clean and potable water is not readily available in many areas thus the need to be very responsible in its use,” explained Luistro.

Water conservation tips have been issued by MWSS to be posted in conspicuous areas in schools and communities and to be discussed in class under the Health Education topic. 

“I expect positive response from the DepEd community so that the savings we can generate from this concerted action can be channeled to finance other education-related projects,” added Luistro. 

Some of the water conservation tips include the regular maintenance of plumbing system, recycling of water to flush toilets, water plants or clean floors and closing of water valves when not in use especially during weekends and long vacations. 

Luistro also directed school officials to post  conservation tips inside the school compound where many students and school personnel can see them even as he urged everybody to be more civic-conscious by reporting immediately  to authorities leaking and defective faucets and water line. 

Moreover, the water conservation tips urged households to use dipper and pale instead of shower when taking a bath and to turn off the faucet while brushing teeth, shaving or when   not yet in use while soaping  the dishes.

In school gardens and lawns, MWSS advises not to water the plants during windy days or at high noon as water tend to evaporate easily and instead water the plants early in the morning or late afternoon. 

It also informed the public not to soak the lawn as grass does not need a lot of water.  

Thank A Teacher!

September 1, 2011


DepEd launches campaign to say “thank you” to teachers

Have you ever said thank you to at least one of your teachers who created a big difference in your life?

If not, this is your chance as the Department of Education launches a campaign that encourages every Filipino to say a word of thanks to their teachers – a fitting highlight to the annual celebration of Teachers Month  this September and World Teachers’ Day celebration on October 5.

Education Secretary Armin Luistro said it is but proper that the country dedicate a whole month to recognize teachers for their unique role in preparing students for the future, in strengthening communities and in building a nation.

“I think we should regularly take time to revitalize the image of teachers and draw public attention to their value in society,” said Luistro. 

All public and private elementary and secondary schools, division and regional offices are enjoined to conduct programs and activities that support the Teachers Month and the World Teachers Day.

One of these is the say “thank you” campaign where students are encouraged to write a letter, send a card, offer a gift or post a greeting in various social networking sites.

“We have many creative ways and various media platforms to be used to express our gratitude to our teachers,” added Luistro.

DepEd likewise enlists the support of television and radio station anchors, hosts and artists to say “thank you” to their mentors in their respective programs.

Schools are encouraged to feature stories or write-ups on their teachers through their school papers, websites and Facebook accounts. They can also submit these write-ups to local newspapers and national broadsheets.

Moreoever, DepEd division and regional offices can mobilize support from the community and commercial establishments in paying tribute to teachers by encouraging them to give discounts, freebies and special treats and promos for the whole month of September until October 5.

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